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Amongst all leading manufacturing Units in Bangladesh, The Delta Composite Knitting Industries Ltd ranks top for its remarkable specialties. Its unique location at Kashimpur, Gazipur with green surroundings linked with Dhaka high ways and Zia International Airport, Dhaka can’t but miss the sight of the visitors. It enjoys high reputation in the global market for excellence.

Key to our success is the commitment we confirm, quality product we produce, and the delivery we make in time reasonable price we offer. The imported branded machinery from the world famous manufacturer of USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy and Spain did add something extra to our business credentials. We try to improve the workmanship and professional skills of the staff working with through imparting in house and local training. Quality is our top priority and we always look for the excellence choosing the best options.

Reliability, quality in the service, corporate culture of team work, operational cost effectiveness, unique workmanship compliance system & customers satisfaction are our prime concerns and we always devote best professional efforts to keep things getting better holding the valued customers on track. We care to respond to the customers’ needs, choice, tastes and fashion to promote business ties for long. Nothing delights us more than the customer’s satisfaction.

We have a tradition to welcome the initiatives of the people interested in us to improve the policy input.

Visit of the valued clients is always welcome.

Engr. A K M Faruque Ahamed




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