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The Delta Accessories Ltd.

The Delta Accessories Ltd Stands in height covering the total area measuring 110,000sft producing world class garments accessories equipped with branded imported machineries from the reputed manufacturers of the world. It annual turnover is US$ 12 million at 75% capacity utilization run by 400 employees. It was commissioned in 2005. Below is the list of machinery focusing the model, quantity and plant capacity including the country of origin.

List of Machinery

Name of the Machine Model Qty Capacity Manuf. Origin
Automtic Carton M/C 1 50,000 Pc/day Chiana
Boiler 1 7.710 T/Hr Cochran England
Woven Label MBJ 31/1150 SPE 2 400, 0000 Pcs/Day Muller Swiss
Printed Label Cutter TBC 50S 1 TAWEOD Chaina
Woven Label Cutter TBS 50SH 1 TAWEOD Chaina
Ultra-Sonic Label Cutter PUF 40S 1 TAWEOD China
U/S Ribbon Slitting Machine MUSONIC-2 1 Muller Swiss
Warp Knitting Machine RD 3HS 3/630 115,000 Yrd/Day Muller Swiss
Warp Knitting Machine RD3 8/630 1 15,000 Yrd/Day Muller Swiss
Twil Tape & Satin Ribbon 10 200,000 Yrds/Day Muller Swiss
Printed Care Label 2 1,000,000 Pcs/Day Shonghai Chaina
Name of the Machine Model Qty Capacity Manuf. Origin
Blast Drying Oven DHG70931
IF Label Baking M/C IH 100 2
Electronic Label C & F M/C KCF 1 Win Win Taiwan
Plate Making M/C SBT 420 1
High Speed PP Machine KMT-85 1 150,000 Pcs/Day Kang Chyau Taiwan
High Speed HDPE Machine KMT-65 1 150,000 Pcs/Day Kang Chyau Taiwan
Hanger Machine 5 40,000 Pcs/Day Kenplus China
DS Heat Transfer Machine Paper Cone ZD-450S 2 Print.Soln. China
6-Color Flex Printing M/C HJ-6001 1 You Taiwan
Side Sealing & Cutting M/C LY=100S 1 You Taiwan
Bottom Sealing & Cutting YDA 1F 40x60 1 You Taiwan
TRaingle Folding M/C LY-1600T 1 You Taiwan
Hook Attching Foot Sealer 4 You Taiwan
Flock Printing Machine 2 China
Name of the Machine Model Qty Capacity Manuf. Origin
7-ColorRev. Printing M/C HY 7B 1

Gum Tape

Automatic Slitting M/C




20,000 Rolls Per Day Luatex LUWATEX



Zipper Bag making M/C TPM-800 1 200,000 Pcs Per Day Ruian China
Zipper Extruder SJ-45 1 Ruian China
New Die 4 Ruian China
Software MUCAD 1 Muller Swiss
S/A Measuring & Winding M/C HW ECO 1 Muller Swiss


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