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Work Place Environment

We always care for the suitable working environment for the employees. We believe by reasons that without a congenial working environment none is able to derive get job satisfaction.

Keeping this in view, we provide excellent working environment to the employees backed by adequate lighting, ventilation, overhead mirror, reflectors for lamps, forced duct ventilation etc.

Clearly demarcated emergency routes & exit, smoke detectors & fire alarms etc. have been set appropriately to secure the safety of the workers. Besides instructions and warning signs have been installed in a distinct places inside the factory premises written in bangle for easy understanding of the workers as per ISO requirements.
Moreover usage of metal gloves, gum boots, gaggles, metal gloves for cutter man, gas mask for workers making chemical handling eye guard needle guard & pully cover etc. have been made compulsory to secure the safety of the workers.

More excitingly managerial staff and workers both work together joyfully to promote ties based on bondage which helps to make sound working environment. We designed annual training calendar in each year for workers to sharpen the safety awareness and also to enhance professional skill.



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