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Name of the Machine Quantity
Unit Origin
Lab Dyeing Machine 02 Sets To Make Lab Dips Taiwan
Spectro 1 Set Color Matching USA
Photo Meter For Lab Dip & Dyeing
Grey Scale 1 Set Color Fastness UK
Tension Meter 1 Set

Yarn Tension Setting


Yarn Count testing Meter

1 Set Yarn Count Testing UK
Automatic Tumble Drying 2 Sets Shrinkage Test UK
Light Box 2 Sets Color Matching UK
Xenon Dark Light 1 Set Light Fastness Testing UK
Crocking Meter 1 Set Rubbing Fastness Testing UK
Quick Water Plus 1 Set Quick Shrinkage Test USA
Wascator 1 Set Color Fastness to washing USA
Perspirometer 1 Set Perspiration Test England
ICI Pilling Test 1 Set Pilling Test England
I.R. Drying 2 Sets To make lab Dips Taiwan
Stitch Meter 1 Set To Measure Stitch Length UK
Twist Test 1 Set To Test Twisting of Fabrics England
Warp Reel 1 Set To Measure the Length of Yarn England


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