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Total Floor Area : 23500 Sft

Capacity : 105000 pcs (approx)

Manpower : 445

Auto CAD

France made software lectra grading software modaris maker software diamino market Printer alays digital table hrading capacity 10 set timing 8 am to 8 pm, marker capacity 50 set timing 8 am to 5pm.

Name of the Machine Quantity Head Brand Origin
Automatic Printing Machine 01 Set 10 Heads M & R USA
Auto Dryer Machine Screen 01 Set 30,000 Pcs/ day M & R USA
Screen Printing with auto dryer (Glass Table) 10 sets 45000 Pcs/Day Print.Soln. China
Name of the Machine Quantity Capacity Brand Origin
Auto Run Dryer 20 Sets Print. Soln.
Ellipse Pisce Printing Machine 3 30,000 Pcs/ day ASKME Taiwan
IR Tunnel Dryer 3 ASKME Taiwan
Stone Eyelet Perl Setting 18 200000 Pc/Day Hana South Korea


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