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Textile and RMG (Ready Made Garments) are leading export-led industries in bangladesh, in respect of foreign currency earning and employment. Recently, in the past-MFA era, the composite knitting industries are playing the crucial roles in country's RMG sector.Among Them, The Delta Composite Knitting Industries Ltd. has occupied a pivotal Place. It has been possible because of its multi-dimensional and epoch-making activities since its inception in 1998.

THe Delta is a composite unit, having knitting, dyeing, finishing and sewing units under a single roof. Beside, We have our own printing, embroidery and washing units on the same premises. All these unit work as an integrated whole to meet the buyer's stipulated time and need based demands.

DCKILThe factory is located at kashimpur, Gazipur - 30 minutes drive from the Zia International Airport, Dhaka.The total factory space is 2,56,332 sq ft, including two 6-storied, one 5-storied and one 3-storied builiding.The factory arena is highly protected with boundry walls and private security guards. A camp of bangladesh govt's ansar force in also established within the premises to confirm cent per cent security.

Next to its security measures, the factory is well equipped and furnished with enough fire-fighting equipment, fire alarms systems and trained personnel for the facilitating emergency evacuation. All of which contribute to minimizing the fire-risks. The factory environment, with excelent lighting and ventilation, is one of the very best of its kind in bangladesh.

The Delta Believes that the accumulation of individual efficincies is the assets of the whole company.Accordingly, we try to reciprocate to the individual well being of all our 4,500 employees. So the factory provides pure drinking water facilities, worker's launch-room, first-aid units with full-time physicians and sufficient number of toilets.

Moreover, There are daycare center for the female worker's children. Every worker is also provided with health insurance by the company.This ensure their on-the-job accident recommendation and enrich the foundation of their future.

management_meetingAll of these measure are taken not only to bolster its public image and harp on social responsibility but to fullfill the Delta's overall commitment to the workers and reflect true aptitude to comply the recent philosophy of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilitiey). The employees here always feel that they really are an integral pat of the company and genuine partners in its ongoing success story.

Then comes Delta's state-of-the-art range of machinery from the world famous manufacturers of the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and so on.

All these sophisticated equipment contributes to meet the company's production lead-time. This is 60 days.

Mainly we export T-shirt and different types of men's, women's and kid's knit apparels made from various kinds of knit fabrics.



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